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Hi, I'm Amy, a dedicated clinical skincare professional, pre and post natal fitness instructor, devoted wife and mom to two sweet boys. 


I have had the privilege of working in the skincare industry for 12 years. In that time, I have come to understand that the right products and treatments are only part of the greater whole. Skincare involves a holistic approach to health; to glow on the outside, one must nurture what is on the inside. Our overall health plays an enormous role in the appearance of our skin, which is why it is extremely important to me to educate my clients on how to love their skin not only on the outside, but also from within. I want you to see and feel the difference in your skin after every treatment and in between. 

Brows and Babes was born in my kitchen. After becoming a mother, I began hosting waxing playdates at my home with my community of fellow mamas. I found that so many of the moms in my circle wanted to care for themselves, but had limited time to do so because of childcare needs. It was through these playdates that I soon found myself falling in love with the industry all over again. Hosting and helping moms feel good about their image helped me to reconnect with who I was before I became a mother and realigned me with my purpose.  


I believe every woman deserves to take care of herself and to feel confident, beautiful and strong in her skin. It is my passion to recreate those spa playdates at my new location, and to provide an environment of warmth and comfort where my clients feel at home to relax, ask questions, or simply take the time to care for themselves.